AIM Research Company

AIM Research Company was founded in 1998 to market the LC-ARC StopFlow technology which was originally invented in DuPont. Since it was founded, AIM Research has dedicated its efforts to create the best solutions for online isotope detection and fraction collection for off line counting.

ARC StopFlow System

AIM Research Company introduced the world’s first LC-ARC™ system, which uses StopFlow technology to increase the sensitivity of detection.

ARC DynamicFlow System

After many years of experiences in isotope detection, DynamicFlow(TM) technology was invented by AIM Research to further improve the detection sensitivity. Instead of stopping the flow of LC, the flow of cocktail and/or LC can be regulated so that the overall sensitivity of the online detection is improved.

ARC XFlow System

Combining DynamicFlow and StopFlow into single instrument was the XFlow(TM) system. XFlow(TM) and StopFlow(TM) were installed to improve existing flow detector’s sensitivity.

v.ARC System

v.ARC system was introduced to allow customers to have a single detector with both DynamicFlow and StopFlow technologies with the best detection and modern electronic design. v.ARC system incoporates two PMTs for coincident detection together with DynamicFlow and/or StopFlow technologies.

ARC Data System

ARC Data System is the most advanced LC data system which has total instrument control on LCs (Agilent 1100, Shimadzu, Waters Alliance 2695, and PerkinElmer Series 200), fraction collectors from major fraction collector manufacturers (Foxy® Jr, Foxy 200, FC204, and 222XL). ARC Data System can import and process XCalibur™ data file for synchronization with stop-flow data. ARC Data System can detect ~ 10CPM peaks online, and automatically isolate metabolites based on either isotope or UV/Vis or other analog signals. The ARC Data System is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations of United States FDA.

LCJet System

To meet customers’ need on accurate fraction collection for off-line sample processing such as counting with TopCount(R) for isotope detection, we invented the LCJet system – World’s fastest fraction collector with high capacity. The LCJet system is ideal for UPLC/HPLC applications in fraction collection down to 0.2 seconds/fraction up to 48 microplates at one time.

ARC systems have been installed in all major pharmaceutical companies world wide and have been breaking  new records for LC and sample management.

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